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1. Decking at different levels

Faced with a sloping garden or yard? Fortunately, there exists such a thing as raised decking! Even though this can be a trickier option for us die-hard DIYers, a professional landscape designer or builder will have no trouble laying out an appropriate flat surface for your outdoor dining- and/or seating area. 

homify hint: If you build a tall enough frame on those uneven grounds, the space underneath might even be used for additional garden storage, effectively cancelling out the need for a tool shed.

Credits: homify / Gianna Camilotti Ltd.

​Easy ideas for your new garden deck

Spring is on its way, and what better way to welcome it back with a fabulous new outdoor space? We are, of course, talking about a sublime patio, porch or terrace that enhances not only your home’s available legroom (even though it’s on the outside), but also your lifestyle – after all, we all know how practical a well-designed terrace can be in terms of socialising and relaxing. 

But forget about laying down some boring concrete slabs in your garden. Instead, we urge you to think bigger and better, like perhaps opting for some wooden surfaces? Since wooden floors are known to bring a certain homey feeling and charming look to a home’s indoor spaces, why not repeat it in your yard/garden with a classic wooden deck? 

Taking living areas outdoors is quite trendy at the moment (as any interior designer and landscape architect will tell you), which means a few garden furniture pieces and the accompanying decorative elements need to complement that new garden deck.

But let’s start at the beginning...