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20. Thomson Reuters

Industry: Media
Recommend to a friend rating: 66%
(Thomson Reuters/Glassdoor)

The employers most likely be recommended to you by a friend

Whether its, films, restaurants or books, we place a lot of value on the recommendations our friends give us – so why should it be any different for jobs?

With that in mind, Glassdoor has revealed its ranking for the Most Recommended British Employers, according to their employees. The list is based on the input of current and former employees who have voluntarily reviewed their employer on Glassdoor in the past year. As part of the review process, Glassdoor users can select whether they would recommend their company to a friend, which produces a percentage rating displayed on the site.

Tech companies dominate the list of employers most likely to be recommended.

David Whitby, UK country manager at Glassdoor, explained: “The recommend to a friend rating is a bit like a net promoter score, but for employees, so  it can make a big difference to recruiting informed candidates. Tech companies are most likely to have that voluntary employee endorsement.”