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1. Escalating gypsum beauty

In this minimalist living room, this gypsum lacquered false ceiling adorns the roof along the height of the stylishly lit oak wood and enticing glass stairway.

Credits: homify / SANSON ARCHITETTI

​False ceilings: 10 inspiring designs

Whether you know it as a dropped or suspended ceiling, a T-bar or a grid ceiling, there’s no denying that these architectural beauties have lately become synonymous with modernity and sophistication. Convenient to install with the appropriate tools, a false ceiling aesthetically hides the duct work, pipes, electrical wires, lighting, heaters and door frames to impart a clutter-free, tidy look to the ceiling – no wonder it’s become so trendy!

But keep in mind that the role of false ceilings goes far beyond the aesthetics and technical functionality. With a false plaster ceiling, you can rationally delineate different areas of a large integrated / open-plan room without having to resort to walls, be it visually lengthening a hallway, adding a vibrant pop to the living room or highlighting the decoration of an old ceiling.

Let’s get inspired with these 10 examples of gracefully functional false ceilings...