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Camouflage Ferrari

Eccentric Fiat heir Lapo Elkann specced his 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia with the unusual army-style exterior.

How do fancy a €1 million Ferrari with a camouflage paint job for just €350,000?

Ask people what they most associate with Ferrari and they’d likely say the colour red. Sure, you might get a few brilliant yellows, or the odd jet black, but an army-style camouflage paint job would be well down the list.

Fiat car heir Lapo Elkann decided he wanted to be different and his unique 458 Italia was sold at charity auction for €1 million.

Now it’s being sold once more, by RM Sotheby’s, next month – and the new owner is set to pay the price for Elkann’s eccentricity as it’s expected to make a maximum of €350,000…