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Gabrielle Union's Gravity-Defying Bun Hairstyle Is a Work of Art

Gabrielle Union went all out for the 2021 Fashion Awards on Nov. 29 - in more ways than one. Although the stylish multi-hyphenate initially grabbed our attention with her lime-green Valentino ballgown and cape as she waltzed down the red carpet, everything else faded away once we laid eyes on her larger-than-life bun. The true pièce de résistance, Union's sleek hairstyle consisted of a perfectly spherical updo secured with hair at the base and knotted on top.

Contrary to popular belief, Union didn't have an invisible gravity-defying orb secretly surrounding her to keep the sculptural bun in place. Thanks to hairstylist Larry Sims's expert handiwork, it stayed perched atop her head the whole night, maintaining its voluminous shape with nary a strand falling out of place. If you're ready to admire a true museum-worthy masterpiece, read ahead to take an all-angles look at Union's bun and see some behind-the-scenes videos of Sims piecing together the head-turning look.

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