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1. The battery-operated outdoor light set

‘tis the season to sparkle, and for that we recommend this outdoor light set (in case you want to provide some glow to those garden shrubs and/or bushes), which could work just as perfectly indoors.

A timer and long, clear cable complete this must-have item for Christmas.

Credits: homify / Garden Site

How GardenSite will glow up your home this festive season

Christmas time is festive time, and our devoted readers will know by now that homify is chock-a-block (now and the rest of the year) with ideas on how to bring the beauty and spread the sparkle. 

This time, we’ve teamed up with the experts over at GardenSite to bring joy to your outdoor spaces, especially garden, porch, terrace and balcony. But never fret, as these 5 perfect-for-Christmas products that caught our eye can be used most splendidly indoors as well, styling up any room and spot from your dining room table (what lovely centrepieces these will make) to your hallway bookcase – and many other spaces, of course!

GardenSite, an independent business which recently celebrated its 18th birthday, prides itself on placing emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Retaining traditional values in a modern environment has enhanced the company’s success and ensured a continuous 5-star service to each and every customer. 

Established in 1952, GardenSite’s garden centre operated the conventional way until its founders realised the potential of the Internet and how technology could influence its sales and business. Over the past 18 years, they have acquainted themselves with technology advancements, web browsers and ever-increasing Internet speeds, letting their development team become heavily involved in updating (and continuously improving) the company’s website to enhance their business while simultaneously improving customer experience. 

The rest is online history, as GardenSite currently sources worldwide products, constantly expanding its offering (and customers’ choices) with a current record of no less than 10,000 products available through its website. 

So, to celebrate the company’s success and its 5-star service, find out which 5 glittering GardenSite products your home needs this Christmas...