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The Google Arts & Culture App Has a New Filter That Transforms Your Selfies Into Works of Art

Victoria Messina

Remember the Google Arts & Culture face-match tool that practically broke the internet two years ago? Y'know, the one pretty much everyone was obsessively using to see which famous portrait paintings look most like them? Well, the app is at it again with a new feature that allows users to transform their selfies into notable works of art, all while learning about the history behind each piece.

As soon as I caught wind of the so-called "Art Filter" capability, I couldn't resist taking it for a spin myself and can confirm it's pretty fun and simple to use. There are currently five paintings and artifacts to choose from, including portraits by both Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, and each selfie you snap with the filter applied conveniently saves directly to your camera roll for easy access (new dating app profile picture, who dis?). If you're ready to exude mysterious "Girl With a Pearl Earring" vibes, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Arts & Culture's new "Art Filter." Here's hoping it expands the options to include even more masterpieces in the future!


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