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A clean look

All cabinetry was made bespoke by the professionals of Kuche Design. The design had to incorporate a coffee station which had to blend with the kitchen when open or closed; bookmatched oak veneer was used for the shelving and drawers with fully integrated LED lighting. A bi- folding door system was used to create an adaptable solution.

Credits: homify / Kuche Design

​The gorgeous kitchen design of Downley House

Cambridge-based experts Kuche Design are in charge of our newest homify 360° gem, and as you can tell by our main headline, this discovery focuses on a kitchen. But this design is so much more than simply a cooking space, for this entire building flaunts an unforgettable look that was enhanced superbly with the inclusion of a contemporary kitchen. 

These professionals’ brief was to create a functional beautiful kitchen that assimilated with the overall aesthetic of the house and the integration of modern appliances. The inspiration was to integrate bold colours with traditional/ modern materials including wood, stone, glass and stainless steel, thus complementing the overall quality of the house.

Let’s see how they fared...