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Traditional garden design ideas.

A shapely lawn, full to bursting borders and a lot of colour will never go out of style, in terms of being a perfect landscaping choice for rural UK homes. It's all about working with the aesthetic, age and location of a property, to get that ideal outdoor space and this steadfast yet simple look is lovely for older properties. 

The only disadvantages of a garden with a traditional touch are that regular pruning and dead-heading will be necessary, as will proper lawn mowing.

Credits: homify / Unique Landscapes

Great garden ideas for UK homes

Not all gardens were created equal, especially here in the UK where temperamental weather, bad soil and awkward dimensions are frequently issues that need to be dealt with, which is why this guide has been curated, to show you the inherent potential that is lurking in the outdoor spaces of every UK home. Of course, professional gardeners have long been aware that there is a lot to be said to an English garden, located in the country or not, as they have been overseeing amazing backyard projects for years, but not everybody seems to share their optimistic appraisal.

Garden ideas, due to where they are going to be realised, really do need to be beautiful. Unlike other spaces in or around a home, practicality is not the driving force in a garden, which means that a functional installation can't be elevated by sheer usefulness alone; it actually needs to be as gorgeous as possible. That might sound superficial or like a lot of ongoing work will be needed, to maintain the aesthetic, but that's an entirely personal choice. From flora and fauna-free front garden ideas through to luscious plant-filled garden ideas, UK homeowners can decide not only how their outdoor spaces look and feel, but also how much time they will need to dedicate to keeping them looking perfect.

This guide is a showcase of some of the most popular garden design ideas being showcased in the UK right now, each of which has advantages and disadvantages to be aware of.