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Hobbycraft reveals top Christmas 2019 craft trends

Hobbycraft has launched its Christmas collection online — and it's revealed the top emerging craft trends for the festive season.

Of course, non-recyclable plastic wrap is out and eco-friendly alternatives are in, while a focus on things being personalised or customisable is big news.

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Hobbycraft's new Christmas products have just landed online (5th September) and will be in store on 12th September.

Joel Pickering, Head of Marketing at Hobbycraft says: 'Each year we see an increasing demand for an early launch of Christmas product as our customers are eager to start creating their handmade Christmas designs.

'Clearly there is an appetite as proven by the sales and blog searches for creative ideas from our experts, and we are pleased to be able to satisfy the demand.

'There is an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our customers who create to sell and also avid crafters who simply like to get a head start on their personalised preparations.'

Hobbycraft’s Christmas range has a host of lines from just £1, perfect for anyone that likes to create cards, crackers and decoration collections.

New innovations for Christmas 2019 include the new wooden LED scenes and ceramic decorations. See – and shop – Hobbycraft's top Christmas trends for a very creative and fun festive season...