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Cosy and cool, all at once.

While the styling here is demonstrably understated and chic, the inclusion of a contemporary fireplace has really added some heat to this amazing space. Muted tones, angular furniture and a deliberately minimal amount of accessories offers up a smorgasbord of style!

Credits: homify / Bob Romijnders Architectuur & Interieur

A home that oozes sophistication

It will never get old for us; discovering fabulous houses that have been designed and decorated to the highest standards possible and today, we're going to show you one that has really stuck in our memories. The product of a clearly talented interior designer with a great handle on modern and Scandinavian styling, we think you're going to be a huge fan of the clean lines, bright walls and focus on creating a cosy ambience. From a strikingly minimalist style of living room through to a chic dining room, this home has it all, so let's take a look!