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A fantastic façade.

You can see what we meant about the view from the street now, right? Everything about the design of this home is so perfect and creates a fascinating dialogue of tones and shapes. With so many windows, the interior must be drenched in natural light, but it's the little details that make the most impact here! Such as the small border trees, grey doors and shutters and that fabulously dark roof!

Credits: homify / Groothuisbouw Emmeloord

The home that packs a real style punch

It's always eye-opening to look at what architects in other countries are creating for their clients, so when we were taking a leisurely look at what the Netherlands had to offer, we knew that this standout home needed to be showcased! With a dramatic façade that features dual roof pitches, terrific anthracite doors and a level of landscaping symmetry that is, quite frankly, staggering, come with us now and enjoy it for yourself. We can all apply to move to the Netherlands together, afterwards!