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An amazing façade.

This house is beautiful, there's simply no getting away from that and even though new extensions have clearly been added, including a loft, there's no point at which you think that this home has been changed TOO much. It has simply been adapted to accommodate a family's specific needs, but wait until you see the back!

Credits: homify / Space Group Architects

A home that really captures a sense of history

There's a fine line between improving a traditional terrace home and transforming it to such an extent that the original character is lost, but talented architects are able to walk the tightrope and create incredible results. We want to prove that to you today, by showing you an incredible terraced house that has been extended and modernised, without ever losing the charm of the property. We think you're going to be utterly blown away by the new modern kitchen here, which has also included recognisably old fashioned design elements, so come and take a look and get ready to feel some serious home envy!