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An unusual façade.

Each view of this home offers a new perspective. From this angle, the house looks modest and the agricultural influence is a little less obvious. In essence, this could either be a very chic home or even a stylish office building. One thing's for sure; we really love the contrast of exterior colours.

Credits: homify / GIP

A home that's perfected agricultural architecture

While rustic family homes have always been and will always be popular, there's a new variety sprouting up in the form of incredible agriculturally-inspired buildings. More rural architects, such as those in Norwich, tend to be charged with creating homes that take the surroundings into account, which is why we are all seeing an increase in the number of farmhouse or farm building-style houses and we love them! Featuring telling agricultural motifs, such as exterior cladding and galvanised metal, they look phenomenal, but there's no lack of attention being paid to the interior schemes either and we've found one such breathtaking property to show you today that will prove it to you!