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1. Clear out the clutter

Where do you expect to place your minimalist furniture if that room is chock-a-block with other pieces? Start clearing out space, and we don’t just mean moving out big, chunky items. Paper piles, car keys, shoes strewn on the floor, empty mugs, sunglasses... these have a tendency to appear at random in a home, adding to the clutter. And when it comes to minimalist homes, clutter is a big no-no. 

First on your journey to embracing the minimalist design look and feel is a clean slate – literally. Ask yourself what can be eliminated from the room/home, what can be stored out of sight, and what items aren’t needed – organise according to priority. 

Bear in mind that this is a continuous process that needs to be repeated often. Take a look at your living room, bedroom, study, or any other room where you want to have minimalist furniture, and repeat the above process in case clutter sneaked up on you. 

To make sure your surfaces stay clear, give everything a special spot and stick to it.

Credits: homify / Timothy James Interiors

The homify guide for choosing minimalist furniture

There’s more to the minimalist design than meets the eye. You might look at a minimalist living room and think ‘stark’, yet a minimalist will see ‘simple’. Where you may see ‘cold’, minimalists will see ‘sleek’. And if you deem a minimalist bedroom ‘boring’, a minimalist might interpret it as ‘sexy’.

It would seem minimalist beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

But why is this? Because there is beauty in simplicity; the saying “less is more” indeed proves to be true with the minimalist style, especially when it comes to minimalist furniture. But keep in mind that, just like any interior design style, there’s an element of skill involved. There needs to be a clear intention behind every decision made, from the type of coffee table you pick for the living room to the colour palette adorning your less-is-more dining room.

Good news is that minimal home design is trendy at the moment, with numerous interior designers and –decorators opting for the ‘clean’ approach for homes worldwide.

So what if you are a long-time fan of the minimalist design, yet are unsure about how to get started in your own home? You simple scroll down and let homify help you kick things off...