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1. Why should you choose a rug?

Apart from injecting additional style into a room, a rug is much more versatile than a carpet. And don’t forget that it also ensures that even the hardest of wooden- or concrete floors get treated to a bit of softness, not to mention what it can do for a room’s noise levels. 

Trend-wise, people are moving away from minimalist-like interiors and opting for more comforting, layered looks. This includes the addition and softness of a beautiful rug, instead of vast, empty flooring. 

But where in your room-makeover project should a rug come into your thought process? Well, considering that it’s usually easier to match wallpaper and paint to rugs than vice versa, we’d recommend picking out rug samples quite early.

Credits: homify / Boscolo

​The homify guide to choosing the right rug

When it comes to making a powerful design statement in a room (and honestly, who doesn’t want to?), there are quite a few options at our disposal. But even though wall colours, ceiling designs and the right types of layered lighting are all vital, today we want to focus on the very bottom surface of a room: the floor, particularly the rug laid over the floor. Because just like furniture pieces and other decorative items, the right rug has the power to completely transform an entire room, regardless of whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or even an exterior space like the terrace.

Apart from not really investing too much time and effort in choosing the right rug, far too many people also overlook the versatility of the right rug – with a simple switch-out, you can change the entire ambience of a room from modern to traditional, from homely and warm to super sleek, etc. 

But the first question on your mind shouldn’t be “what colour rug?”, but rather “how do I choose the right rug?”. And here is where we at homify are more than happy to assist...