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1. Selecting the type of kitchen cupboards

First of all, determine if your kitchen will include all or just some of the four basic types of cabinets: base (under the counter), wall-mounted, tall (often standalone, which can be used as a pantry), and specialty units like corner cabinets and bottle racks.

And seeing as not all of us are billionaires, that little thing called budget also needs to be considered. For costs, there are four cabinet/cupboard grades available, based on construction quality: 

• Read-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cupboards and cabinets can be found at big retailers like IKEA. Although this option can save you money, they tend to be less durable in the long run. Remember that building and installing cabinetry isn’t as simple as building a shelf or bed, which is why even the most skilled DIYers usually opt to hire professionals for this type of project.  

• Stock cabinets are bought directly from the manufacturer. Although you have less flexibility with these as they are sold in specific sizes that cannot be changed, stock cabinets are available in a wide range of materials. They are generally an affordable choice, with a higher quality than RTA. 

• In terms of price, semi-custom cupboards are located in the middle. These could be stock cabinets made with custom doors and shelving or made-to-order units from a manufacturer. This option also allows you to specify size and choose from a wide selection of materials.  

• Custom cabinets are the number one choice, offering unlimited options. They are completely made-to-order, and you can dictate all of the materials, hardware, style, and construction. Of course the asking price also tends to be rather high.

Credits: homify / Harvey Jones Kitchens

​The homify guide to selecting kitchen cupboards

Think about the last kitchen you saw that took your breath away. What was it that really stood out for you? The lighting? The island? How about the floor coverings or window treatment?

Although all of these elements can contribute to a kitchen’s design, the choice of cabinets and cupboards undoubtedly also plays a major role. Hence, the importance of taking your time in sifting through various styles, sizes and colours. 

And don’t forget to take your kitchen’s requirements also into consideration, like storing your range of cookbooks, etc. 

Fortunately, our homify guide to selecting the right kitchen cupboards can help...