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Before: A hideously neglected area

We agree: this spot really did look terrible, not to mention slightly dangerous – we don’t blame anybody for not wanting to stroll here after dark, as it reminds us of deserted alleyways.

But let’s not get too dramatic, for a fabulous makeover project transformed this space entirely.

Credits: homify / Decking Design limited

The impressive transformation of this neglected garden

Glasgow-based experts Decking Design Limited, who specialise in landscape designing, deserve praise for this expertly renovated space: a back yard that had become horribly neglected and needed a new look asap.  

Seeing as this area was quite spacious, there were numerous options that could have been chosen, from a garden sporting prize-winning roses to a fantastic swimming pool surrounded by stone paving and modern loungers.

What was created, however, might not be what you’re expecting...