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Estate agents say 50 Cumberland Terrace, in Regent’s Park, London is worth around £16.5 million – a whopping 75 times the price of the average home in England and Wales.

Inside the rented townhouse setting tenants back more than £500,000 PER YEAR

If ever there was a story to illustrate just how mad Britain’s property market is, then this is it. A five bedroom home in this parade of townhouses in London’s exclusive Regent’s Park area has been put on the rental market – for £500,000 a year.

The new tenant will expect a lot for his or her £10,000 a week – and the Grade I-listed, newly refurbished property certainly delivers.

Becky Fatemi, managing director of agents Rokstone, said this was the first refurb carried out specifically to attract a super wealthy renter and will set a “new trend” in the luxury lettings market.