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A charming look

How open, welcoming and spacious is this rear side of the house? The generous glass doors that ensure a firm link between indoors and outdoors, beautifully connected to a spacious terrace that spills over into a fresh-green lawn and garden – such a dreamy design!

But what does it look like on the inside?

Credits: homify / Demirel

​Be inspired with this two-storey extension

When it comes to the need for additional indoor space (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t felt that need?), an extension is one of the most sought-after options. And why shouldn’t it be? Think about the multitude of options it adds to indoor style, as you get an additional room (sometimes more than one), yet it also alters the exterior design of your house.

Today’s homify 360° is a classic example of an extension, completed by Demirel, that added both space and style to an existing house – in fact, this one is a two-storey design that beautifully transformed a Chester family home into something memorable. 

Let’s get inspired!