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10. Comfortable furniture

It’s not only about the living room anymore, for kitchens will become more and more ‘liveable’, with super comfortable chairs and elegant tables styling up more and more culinary spaces around the world. The reason? The kitchen is becoming more of a ‘living’ space than an actual ‘cooking’ one, so why wouldn’t we want to sit in comfort while socialising with friends and family? 

To help gear you up for 2018, let’s check out these Eco friendly kitchens.

Credits: homify / Paul Langston Interiors

​Kitchen trends for 2018

Like all things in life, kitchens are constantly changing, and we don’t just mean style-wise. And why shouldn’t they, considering that they used to be purely working spaces, yet are now classified as one of the main socialising zones of the house? 

So, don’t get left behind. See what will be considered “hot” for the modern kitchen in 2018...