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How our living rooms have changed through the decades

Living room design trends have evolved and shifted over the years, shaping the way we decorate our spaces today. From the 1960s to now, interior experts at Habitat have shared a snapshot of the standout trends from the past 60 years in celebration of the brand's 60th anniversary.

'At Habitat, we encourage people to express themselves through their own homes and to adapt to old and new interior influences in a way fitting to them,' says Kate Butler, Head of Design for Habitat. 'As interior design trends continue to change and inspire, more people are becoming braver with interior design and looking for ways to decorate their homes that express their own personality and create their own "safe space" from the outside world.'

Each decade has brought a new flare to the interior design industry – take a look at how living room design has evolved with some key trend insights.

How our living rooms have changed through the decades

This is how the UK’s living room styles have evolved from the 60s until now.

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