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Mega slide

The mega 164ft-long slide snakes its way through the gardens of the sprawling mansion in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The property is on the market for A$1.075m – that’s about £614,000, less than the price of an average house in London.

Luxury £614,000 house boasts 164ft-long water slide in the garden

As selling points go, this could take some beating. While boasting about original oak beams and brick-built fireplaces appeals to many people, not many properties feature their own 50-metre (164ft) water slide.

The owner of this five-bedroom home in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia bought the flume from a theme park and hooked it up in the garden.

The property, which sits in 1.5 acres of land, is on the market for a little over Aus$1 million – that’s about £614,000 and is less than the cost of an average home in London.