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A dire living room, transformed!

Credits: homify / raum²—wir machen wohnen

A masterclass in home staging!

If you've ever walked into a property that you were considering buying and been put off by outdated finishes, terrible furniture and ineffectual layouts, we think you'll already have an appreciation of just how vital home staging is! Professional staging teams have a deep understanding of how the first impression a home makes is a lasting one and that it can be the difference between a successful sale and a disappointing viewing, but if you don't, prepare to be educated! We've found a project that was so dire, the owners won't have stood a chance of selling it, but after a programme of vigorous home staging, it looks not only usable, but actually appealing and like it wouldn't need too much modernisation, even in the bathroom! Behold, the power of home staging and we won't overshadow the impact of the pictures with words, we promise!