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Andrea Gala, president, Trout producers association PACTAN

Not every 20-year-old can call themselves president of a farmers’ association, or say they are running a trout farm. However, Andrea Gala from Peru is the exception – breaking conventions and paving way for a new generation of self-made entrepreneurs.

She says: “Nowadays, I really dare to dream and visualise how we want to see things in the future. I am determined to keep developing my company so that my daughter can inherit it one day.”

Meet the all-female leaders growing their businesses in emerging markets

More than likely you’ll have heard of the Fortune 500, Fortune magazine’s annual compilation of the 500 biggest corporations in the United States. But what about the Foundation 500?

The non-profit H&M Foundation and humanitarian agency CARE have compiled a list of the most successful female business leaders from emerging markets, many of which have grown their companies in the harshest start up environments.

By challenging stereotypes and redefining what a business leader looks like, the Foundation 500 wants to help reduce poverty and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

These are just nine of the 500 women listed, each with a unique and compelling story to tell.