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Charm in abundance.

You can't try and tell us that this cottage doesn't look super cute and pretty, can you? Yes, we know that the windows and doors might not be traditionally characterful, but they blend in just beautifully and as a row, all of these homes really do make an impact. The dormers are particularly eye-catching, but wait until you see the rest of the garden!

Credits: homify / Hampshire Design Consultancy Ltd.

A modern cottage with real country charm

We know what you're thinking; that modern cottages and traditional country charm don't really go hand-in hand and you'd be right. Normally! We absolutely love all of the characterful rustic country cottages that the UK has nestled away in sleepy little villages and rarely think that modern buildings can capture the same essence but then, we stumbled upon one that does!

Designed by a fantastic architectural firm in Hampshire, this cottage is one of a handful that have been crafted out of a formerly single building, but you'll be impressed at the way that traditional motifs and materials have been reintroduced, alongside more modern conveniences, such as a light and bright contemporary built-in kitchen. Come and take a look with us, as words really can't do this terrific county property justice!