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A new (outside) look

Getting to work, the experts in charge removed the existing extensions, replacing them with a new 3m extension while also remodelling the internal layout. 

As we can see, the extension has taken the shape of a monolithic black raven slate block which contains a long elevation of slender framed sliding doors and four aligned skylights, creating quite the perfect contrast between modern design and traditional style.

Credits: homify / Space Group Architects

​This modern extension provides fabulous forest views

Our homify 360° gem for the day comes from Space Group Architects in London, who were tasked with adding a touch of modern glamour to an existing Edwardian house in the Aldersbrook Conservation Area – and, boy, did they succeed!

The professionals were presented with a convoluted layout that rendered the kitchen and dining area difficult to use, in addition to obstructing the property’s views onto the immaculate garden and Wanstead Forest outside.

Let’s see how they achieved excellence...