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Electric fireplace ideas.

While the installation here is not an electric fireplace, it does give a good idea of how stylish they can be. Things have come a long way since old fashioned designs that simply illuminated a few fire stones inside a hearth and now, electric fireplaces offer all the gorgeous good looks of a real fire, just without any of the running costs, mess or maintenance. This makes them ideal for homes that want the look of a fire, but don't necessarily require an extra dose of heating. New builds that could use a little more personality are the ideal recipients for a well designed and realistic decorative electric fireplace. 

Credits: homify / Anglia Fireplaces & Design Ltd

Modern fireplace designs to finish a room perfectly

A striking and functional fireplace is a wonderful way to finish any space, particularly a living room, but with so many incredible ideas to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why this guide has been created. 

Modern fireplaces manage to effortlessly combine the traditional practicality of a fire with more streamlined and eye-catching aesthetics, making them common sense additions to absolutely every home, even those that normally wouldn't look quite right with a warm blaze in the hearth. After all, not everybody likes the look of cast iron grates and chunky mantles, so modern fireplace ideas have a real place in today's interior design arena. 

Regardless of whether a wood or gas-fired option is desired, or even a faux fire that is powered by electricity, this guide has some terrific suggestions included and should make the process of choosing a modern fireplace so much simpler.