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1. Leaving doors open

It's a waste of heating and, more to the point, it's simply rude. Were they born in a barn? 

If the answer is no, they have no excuse for leaving your doors open when you've specifically shut them and got your house to a comfortable temperature.

Credits: homify / London Building Renovation

The most annoying things guests do in your house

We can feel ourselves getting steamed up already just thinking about nightmare guests from hell we've had in our homes. Nevertheless, regardless of how annoyed we might get, we need to get you genned up on what the most annoying guest traits are so you can tackle them! 

The last thing you need is someone in your home who doesn't understand the meaning of bathroom courtesy or shows a flagrant disregard for all of your interior designer's hard work.

Read on and arm yourself before your next visitors arrive with our top no-nos for house guests...