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More space, more style

Thanks to the renovation and modern extension, this bungalow is now about 50% bigger, with a new attic conversion to brag about. And since the site is located on a steep slope, that allowed the new extension to be split over several levels, resulting in a most unique design.

Credits: homify / Capital A Architecture

A mouth-watering Scottish bungalow conversion

Edinburgh-based professionals Capital A Architecture bring us our latest homify 360° discovery, which also turns out to be one of the largest and most complicated designs these experts ever produced. 

Situated in Bramdean Grove was a bungalow, on a steep slope, built all the way back in the 1960s, which had been unoccupied for several years. The previous owner had converted the attic into an artist’s studio, complete with two quirky-looking dormers.

Cut to the modern day and the new owner, who has a very different approach to design and lifestyle, and who commissioned Capital A Architecture to re-imagine the entire house. As we all know, any well-designed home should have a clear separation between public and private areas, and that is exactly one of the things this contemporary alteration and extension project provided, in addition to creating an entirely new house.