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Grab the moving house boxes!

Moving house tips don't get much more common sense than 'be prepared', but in terms of knowing that the front door can be shut and the process can be started, it's key. The first port of call should absolutely be to accrue a large number of sturdy cardboard moving boxes that can be gradually filled and organised with a simplistic organisation method.

There are so many considerations, in terms of things to do when moving house, but not having enough removal boxes can be a totally avoidable stumbling block. All that's needed is some proper planning and an objective assessment of the number of belongings that need to be packed away, ahead of transit.

Credits: homify / Designscape Architects Ltd

Moving house? Then bookmark this checklist!

Swapping an existing property for something newer, bigger or just different is a huge life milestone and can be fraught with upset and organisational hurdles, which is why it's so important to crate a comprehensive and easy to work through moving house checklist. 

Convenience is king and necessity if the mother of invention, which is why, when everybody finally recognised what a chore moving home is, removal companies sprung up to make the entire process a whole lot simpler, but there are a host of things that can be done prior to the actual big move, to make everything run as smoothly as possible. The key considerations are listed below and should make for a fantastically easy and uneventful home moving day.