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10. Chichester

Chichester in West Sussex completes the top 10 happiest towns. In the past year, house prices in Chichester were 3% up on the year before to £375,744, and 17% up on 2014, when they averaged £321,819. (Benjamin Graham/Barcroft Images via Getty Images)

How much does it cost to live in the happiest place in the UK?

The UK’s happiest places to live have been identified – and Royal Leamington Spa tops the league table. The Warwickshire town is one of several spa towns to make the list, pulled together by property site Rightmove.

Happiness comes with a price, however, with average asking prices in Leamington Spa at £330,848, compared with a national average of £310,003, according to Rightmove.

More than 17,000 people were asked how happy they are with aspects of where they live. Community spirit, feeling safe, the friendliness of locals, the amenities and local services available and earning enough to live comfortably were all taken into account.