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The exterior view

On the outside, the traditional country house perfectly retained its authentic look with a natural stone façade, sleek silhouette and red roof with two chimneys on the gable sides. Changes to the structure included the enlargement of windows, adding contemporary insulation and building a brand-new structure (on the right) complete with flat roof and all.

Credits: homify / Eline Sango Architetcure

​An old country house gets a modern new look

Fancy a little trip to France? That’s where Paris-based interior architects Eline Sango Architetcure are, and also where their Normandy-located project awaits us. This project saw a traditional old stone house get dragged into the modern century, yet our experts were quite careful to keep the structure’s style and rustic ambience (after all, that’s what makes it so special).

Let’s see how modern style and vintage charm get to co-exist in one design.