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1. Wall painting 101: Plan your approach

Plan before you paint!

Start by thinking what that painted room must look like when completed. Remember that you’re not limited to four walls in the same colour. How about painting an accent wall in a bold hue for visual emphasis? Is the ceiling in need of a new layer / colour?

Credits: homify / Pixers

​How to paint your walls like a pro

Wall painting is quite the popular project, both for novice DIYers and veteran home renovators. What could be easier than smearing some paint onto a wall, right? 

Well, while wall painting can be pretty painless, we do recommend doing proper planning beforehand. After all, nobody wants to go through the trouble of wasting time and energy just to repeat the entire process because of paint smudges, paint bubbles, or other painting errors, right?

Here’s how we at homify approach every painting job...