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Prince Charles

The Paradise Papers show the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall estate secretly bought shares worth $113,500 in a Bermuda company that would benefit from a rule change concerning carbon markets. Charles lobbied to alter these agreements without disclosing his estate had an offshore financial interest in what he was promoting. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Paradise Papers: Which famous figures are named in leak of secret tax details?

The private business dealings of Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall estate have been exposed through the Paradise Papers.

His is the latest high profile name to be linked with the huge leak of tax avoidance documents, following earlier revelations relating to his mother, the Queen, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and three cast members of hit BBC comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys.

While the Queen may have had little or no idea of the £10m of her private money invested in an offshore tax haven, the Paradise Papers leak shows just how widespread the practice is.

Despite successive UK governments and world bodies pledging to tackle the issue, the super-rich are still able to siphon their money – perfectly legally – into tax avoidance schemes to ensure that they get a lot richer every year.