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Simple patio garden designs.

Patios don't need to be over the top, complicated or overly contrived, as in essence, they are intrinsically simple areas. Nothing more than a slice of usable outdoor space, a patio can stand to be an understated but well considered combination of easy to maintain stone slabs and a few reasonably priced pieces of wooden furniture. 

Even a simple patio can be elevated with a built-in fire pit or barbecue that will cost no more than a few bricks, some cement and a little time, but the finished aesthetic would look fantastically understated yet elegant. A simple patio of this nature would be perfect at the rear of literally any style of home, not just a contemporary mansion.

Credits: homify / Concept Eight Architects

Patio designs for every style of home

Patio designs can be as varied and interesting as any other home design projects and more than that, they add serious value and aesthetic impressiveness to any property. Allowing for a whole extra socialising space and a neat and orderly garden aesthetic, the right patio is a must for any home that can accommodate one, but choosing between all the different styles is a minefield. Well, it was, until this guide!

There are a number of considerations to take into account when designing a new patio, including, but not limited to, the following:

- The available project budget. This will be a huge factor, as it will intrinsically dictate which materials are potentially going to be used and how intricate the finished design can be. Small budgets will require value materials to be used in a more creative and individual way, whereas larger budgets will give access to rare and expensive design elements. 

- Furniture needs. Not all patios need to act as outdoor living rooms and al fresco dining space, but it's important to remember that there WILL be an element of furniture buying to contend with. If the seating is more important than the slabs and base, it's possible to choose cheaper foundation materials and save the lion share of the budget for better quality furniture.

-. The size of the garden. It might be tempting to try and install a large modern patio, but if the location is bijou, it simply won't work. Accounting for realistic site dimensions is a critical [art of any new patio design project and can help to hone in on a really suitable genre of styling as well.