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Bitcoin house

The 2,134 sq/ft property is spread over four floors and has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three receptions and a large kitchen. The property has been valued by estate agents at £1.65 million and is being sold through Munday’s estate agency. (

Posh London townhouse on market for £1.65 million - or 500 BITCOINS

A house has been put on the market in Peckham, London, with the owner willing to accept payment in bitcoin in what is thought to be a UK first.

The currency, which was launched in 2009 and is free from government control, has come under scrutiny due to its use among drug dealers and criminals, while North Korea is understood to be using it to bypass trade sanctions.

Around 12 months ago, a single bitcoin was worth £500. It has now risen to £2,928.

The move comes shortly after underwear tycoon and Tory peer Michelle Mone revealed she is accepting bitcoin for the flats in a Dubai apartment block she had helped develop with partner Doug Barrowman.