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Colour where it's needed.

Everything in this home has a muted and toned down feel, but then, a lemon yellow sofa and dramatic pop of greenery cuts through and brightens up the scheme no end. We're getting some real Scandinavian vibes from this interior too, so you know it will be a timeless look.

Credits: homify / Kitchen Architecture

A radically different home that you'll never forget

Before we show you around today's amazing home, we want to highlight one critical factor; it's a subterranean property, found in central London. Arranged around a central courtyard and sunk down, below ground level, that fact that the construction of this property is so unusual naturally dictated that the interior needed to be something exceptionally special as well and it does not disappoint! 

We all know that interior designers on London are amongst the best in the world, but when you see the way that this house has been morphed into a retro meets modern hybrid home, we think you'll be blown away. Every space is a triumph in its own right, but just wait until you see the simple and pared back contemporary kitchen! You're about to develop a serious desire to live underground, so let's burrow down and find out more!