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1. What good is a real estate agent to me?

They make a huge difference when it comes to helping you purchase a house, but in short:  

1. Real estate agents act as a consultant and offer up specialized advice on specific properties and neighbourhoods that their clients may be considering. 

2. They negotiate on behalf of their clients. They should be able to broker an agreement between parties while building in safeguards to protect their clients, if the deal goes south. 

3. An agent will facilitate the contract through closing. Contracts are extensive and have many timelines that must be adhered to. The agent can ensure all deadlines are met and closing happens on time without costly delays.

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​The real answers to your home-buying questions

Fancy living in your very own home one day? Who doesn’t? Of course picking the right house involves more than choosing a beautiful view or selecting a neighbourhood with good schools – and chances are you’re going to have lots of questions.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we have the answers (straight from real estate agents) right here...