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Revealed! Europe's 10 cheapest city break destinations

Post Office Travel has named the cheapest city breaks in Europe to choose over the more established likes of Paris and Amsterdam.

Offering all the culture, food and beautiful attractions without the price tag, the new list of little-known cities comes at a time when over-tourism in Europe's capitals continues to become a major issue.

Compiled with Airbnb to also bring you the places where you’ll find affordable accommodation, the Post Office’s report revealed lesser-known Lviv in western Ukraine as the cheap short break of the moment at £137.42 for two people.

This was based on the cost of 10 holiday staples (including a bottle of sparkling wine, two nights' Airbnb accommodation for two, three-course dinner, bike hire for one day). In Unesco-protected Lviv, you can experience all the charm of Prague or Krakow without the crowds. Its cobbled streets, coffee houses and trams make for an authentic, cheap break.

Here are the top 10 cheap city breaks Europe has to offer, along with the Post Office's prices for 10 typical holiday items. It's worth noting that these prices don't include the cost of flying.