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A minimalist design

Survey results are in, and an ‘eco-minimalist’ detached home, complete with three bedrooms, is what is desired. The most popular addition (voted for by 46% of respondents) is a garage, and no less than 33% also stated that their ideal home would be in a village setting. 

Fortunately the majority of Brits are going green, as 90% chose to include eco-friendly features in their dream home. Solar panels are the top choice, as 59% of respondents want to include them.

Credits: homify / press profile homify

​Revealed: The UK’s ideal home

So, you want to live in a custom-built house tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, but what would that house look like? Well, according to an in-depth online survey among 2,005 randomly selected UK adults (aged 18 and over), the “perfect” home (for Brits, at least) is possible! GoCompare Mortgages are revealing which features are more in demand, and thanks to the help of Marc Sawan, an architect from eye-kon, a visual creation studio, the UK’s ideal home has been created with CGI for all to see!