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7 herbs and spices which can harm if consumed in excess

Dr Raghuraj Hegde, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, recently tweeted about how a patient had been bleeding profusely on the operating table, despite not being on any blood thinners. The situation, though not life-threatening, meant that what would otherwise have been a routine 45-minute procedure, lasted two-three hours.

Blood tests conducted prior to the operation had also not revealed any problems. However, after the surgery, the patient told him that he had been taking a concoction of ginger, garlic, turmeric and asafoetida thrice daily.

While the pandemic has helped increase awareness on the need to add immunity-boosting herbs and spices to our diet, it has also led to situations where, out of sheer fear and panic, people have resorted to excessive consumption of kadhas, supplements and dietary additions. While herbs and spices are known to have medicinal properties, excessive intake can prove toxic and potentially dangerous.

We take a look at the side effects that excessive intake of various spices and herbs can cause.  

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