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The rear side

A modern palette of light blue/grey colours has been employed on the rear elevation elements, which include the aluminium sliding doors, zinc cladding and on the recycled wood chip decking. 

And just notice how the various elements and textures contrast with one another, especially once the lush garden trimmings come into play.

Credits: homify / Des Ewing Residential Architects

The shockingly brilliant upgrade of a 1930s home

London-based experts Des Ewing Residential Architects bring us our latest homify 360° discovery, which sees a modern home undergoing quite the dramatic change thanks to its spacious extension at the back.

Built in the 1930s, this family dwelling presented lots of potential in terms of style and location, yet not so much when it came to space. The solution? Open it up with a contemporary design extension to improve the flow between the rooms and enhance the impression of space.