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1. Nursery ideas: Don’t go too grand

We understand you’re very excited to give your little one the best of everything, but know this: he/she will only stay a baby for a short while before moving on to the toddler phase, which changing everything again (from the type of bed they’ll need to the sort of toys they’ll prefer, etc.). 

Therefore, go for a room scheme that will be easy to change as your child grows; for example, storage spaces (cubby holes, floating shelves, etc.) that can literally stay in that room from baby to toddler to child to the teenage years, with the occasional style- and colour switches, of course.

Credits: homify / Funique Furniture

​Simple (yet stylish) nursery ideas

Hearing that you’re about to welcome a bundle of joy into your home can be some of the best (and stressful) news ever. So many ideas suddenly jump into your head, including the most obvious: Where are they going to sleep?

Obviously your little one deserves his/her own room (if only so you can get some decent shut eye when baby finally dozes off), and that is where we at homify are most excited to treat you to our bunch of ideas. After all, we might not be able to help you raise your new baby, but we can certainly help make things easier with some very beautiful (not to mention practical) tips on getting his/her room ready. 

Fortunately, professional interior designers/decorators don’t just busy themselves with ‘grown-up’ spaces like kitchens and living rooms, but are also quite the experts when it comes to nurseries and children’s bedrooms. So, let’s see some popular nursery ideas...