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A dream design

This open-plan layout, which seamlessly integrates a foyer, hallway, staircase, kitchen and dining area (on the right), as well as a living room / TV lounge (on the left), beautifully manages to combine an assortment of elements and fixtures without making the end result seem the least bit cluttered.

Credits: homify / Progetti Architektura

​A small flat that packs a big punch style-wise

We’re off to Poland for today’s slice of interior inspiration, and this one comes from Progetti Architektura, expert interior design firm in Warsaw, the country’s capital. And just like our title suggests, this prime portfolio piece might be small in terms of legroom, but certainly packs a big punch when it comes to style, comfort and luxurious design.

Its secret? It’s a combination of all those tried-and-tested tips that small spaces make use of, like light soft and neutral colours to make the rooms seem more visually spacious, sleek finishes to allow natural light to bounce around, a strong commitment to bringing sunlight indoors via windows and glass doors, double-duty furniture, etc.

But let’s have a look at some visual representation as well...