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2. Keep things neutral and bright in a small living room.

Small space living ideas don't come more more simple, understated and elegant than embracing a neutral colour scheme, top to bottom. From wall paint shades through to furniture, rugs and everything in between, neutral colours, such as pale beige, light grey and good old fashioned white will instantly make a small room look and feel far larger. Not only that, but light flow will be greatly improved with light colours everywhere.

Credits: homify / In:Style Direct

Small living room ideas that create HUGE potential

Coming up with small living room ideas, cosy or otherwise, can be incredibly tricky, especially when so many interior design magazines seem to focus on generous spaces that are easy to work with! That's why we've created this guide; to showcase some fabulous ideas for more modest lounges, which will create hugely stylish spaces that even those with enormous living rooms will envy!

From luxury lounge designs through to small living room ideas on a budget, the following tips are guaranteed to turn a diminutive space into a gorgeous showcase of generous proportions and designer chic. What's more, each of these suggestions can be made to work with any budget constraints, so there really are countless possibilities for making more of a modest home.