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Cosy and cool, all at once.

While the styling here is demonstrably understated and chic, the inclusion of a contemporary fireplace has really added some heat to this amazing space. Muted tones, angular furniture and a deliberately minimal amount of accessories offers up a smorgasbord of style!

Credits: homify / Bob Romijnders Architectuur & Interieur

Sneaky cleaning tricks for every functional room in the house

Have you ever noticed that certain items of furniture or fixings in your most-used rooms always seem to get either damaged or really gungey? We have and more than that, we've realised how irritating it is trying to sort them out and get them clean, which is why we've taken the time to out together a handy list of cleaning hacks that you will not want to forget! We can't all afford professional cleaning squads that come in and rectify our spillages and laziness, so it's time that we took our own bathrooms et al to task, so come with us now and find out how!