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1. Keep the kitchen clean

Clean as you cook! Refuse to let waste pile up in your kitchen. Always give those surfaces a quick rubdown with disinfectant before bedtime – it only takes a few seconds.

Credits: homify / Rafaela Fraga Brás Design de Interiores & Homestyling

​How to have a spick-and-span home all the time

Ever noticed how some people’s homes just seem naturally tidy and spotless 24/7? Here’s a secret: they’re not! They only look that way because the homeowners are committed to an organised lifestyle. And even though interior designers are adept at including handy storage items in homes they're working in, it really is down to the owners to maintain the organisation, which is where these fantastic tips come in. 

Let’s kick off with these 9 brilliant solutions to ensure a spick-and-span home that’ll leave your guests awestruck.