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Such elegant dimensions!

If you live in an apartment like this already then make way, as we are moving in as well! We always thought of flats and apartments as small, maybe even pokey properties, but this is more spacious than most of the houses we see! It's hard to know what to focus on here, but the light fixtures are grabbing our attention, as is the muted colour scheme and the overarching sense of languid luxury. Wow. 

Credits: homify / Ravenor's Design Solutions

A stunning apartment for a family of four

There are few things more fun than checking out spectacular home designs from talented designers overseas, which is why we wanted to showcase the incredible home that we have found today! We know that you hear the word 'apartment' and don't naturally assume that you're about top see a spacious, luxurious and elegant home suitable for a large family, but that is all about to change. If nothing else, you're going to be absolutely blown away by the living room and intensely classic dining rooms, so let's take a look!