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Bold contrasts for drama.

You might think that you can't get a decent amount of textural variety when using all stone, but just check out how astonishing this garden is! Smooth white pebbles meet rougher slate chips and then sleek concrete slabs to offer such a lovely changing landscape, as well as bold colour variety!

Credits: homify / Schwein Aménagement

Stunning stone landscaping ideas to be inspired by

Getting your garden right can seem like a Herculean task, especially if you're not a natural landscaper, but there is a great way to tackle the problem, while still embracing a contemporary and stylish aesthetic. Ask any professional gardener and they'll tell you that an outdoor space that is finished with a host of beautiful stone will not only create a dramatic and enviable finished product, but also allow for easy maintenance as well. We know that you might need a little visual inspiration for designing a perfect stone garden, so how about we show you some of our favourite looks, right now?